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The pharmacy chain, founded in 1990 in the city of Cola, currently has more than 30 pharmacies. The company has outlets. The pharmacy is focused on the sale of quality medicines sold at low price offers. The suppliers of the network are large and well-known distributors who supply genuine goods. Every month, the organization offers consumers the opportunity to participate in a special promotion – “Thrifty Prices for People”. This marketing move is very popular, as well-known medicines are sold to customers, sold at the most affordable prices. The assortment of products sold in pharmacies includes: masks, anti-aging products, stretch marks, body shaping products, hair masks, baby bathing products and much more.

Reviews and complaints.
Today is 09/04/20. at 13:33 I bought Aven brand thermal water, the price is $ 437. according to the map. She asked me to pierce it and that the sales assistant opened the package and checked the aerosol, to which, her partner, not listening to my wishes, began to react inexplicably. Teach your pharmacists to hear customers! I explained that I was going on vacation and did not want to get into a situation where the aerosol failed. What your employee did not apologize for, but stood on with a dismissive face. It seems to be nothing of the sort. But the feeling when you have to make excuses for your money too .. No, I’m after such a draft. no longer going to this pharmacy with my foot.

Terribly unskilled pharmacists.

I wanted to buy Tsiprolet, instead I was given Tsitovir! A completely different drug, also more than 100 rubles more expensive. To which the “deaf” pharmacist said that I myself had asked for some “Tsitovir”, which I had not even heard of before. Nobody returned the money or even apologized. Hamlo. More than a foot there and I do not advise you!

Reviews about the branch network.
Amlodipine with open packaging was sold: out of 60 tablets, 25 were missing. 1 blister (20 tablets) was completely withdrawn, and 5 tablets were cut off from the 2nd.
Outrage. The second day I can’t get through to this pharmacy. It’s just that no one picks up the phone no matter what time you call. It seems that employees deliberately do not answer the phone.

Others think it’s better to call at least someone decent.
I do not recommend getting into this network as a whole. In pharmacies, there are constant huge shortages; when they are employed, they do not intentionally re-register, so that they can then deduct them from the salary. The program is inadequate, does not reflect the actual presence. The nomenclature for a part of the goods, i.e. a product can really cost $ 50., and in the program it will cost $ 600. In the network of continuous marketing, pharmacists have to sell those positions that they are “forced” to sell leadership. Accordingly, people who want to hear advice and recommendations from the chief are likely to buy not what they are hoping for. The hours are calculated incorrectly, as if it was not the Far North, but any other region of Russia. When I was fired, they deceived me, underpaid a decent amount of money and do not get in touch. The company does not value its reputation. P.S. I do not recommend anyone to get into this network.

Awful staff!

Always rude!

They constantly complain about prescriptions that the doctor is writing incorrectly (apparently they therefore know better and are sitting in a pharmacy).

The impression is constantly being made that they are selling me with the thought – so be it! And I still have to be grateful to them, although I have a prescription and I pay money. Serving talking on the phone. The last time I bought syringes and asked for 5ml, and highlighted exactly what they were, saying that the doctor said only such, the pharmacist grinned and said that there was no difference, but I insisted. they put me in a bag and I left, but at home I found that 3 ml syringes)) well, but on the phone I discussed everything!))

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