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13.04.2020 0 Comments Hormonal USA. Hormone Drugs (AGP) is a large national pharmacy chain with an assortment of over 8,000 SKUs and currently accounts for about 5% of the retail market in Kyiv. For more than 15 years of its existence, UCP has firmly established itself as a dynamic, innovative company, the flagship of the pharmacy market. It was the first time the UCP introduced a discount system for consumers in Ukraine, the first to create a drug delivery service, the first to open an online pharmacy, and the first to introduce a system of distribution of goods based on TOC principles among drugstore chains. ® has been a reliable and consistent partner of Hormone Pharmacy in implementing TOC since 2007.

The project was divided into 2 stages.

During the first phase (2007-2008), together with a team of consultants, we managed to take the following steps: to set up an order system on the principle of OAK (dynamic buffer management), by developing our own software, as well as to train the network employees and introduce new ones indicators in the system of staff performance evaluation. At the next stage of cooperation (2009-2010), we have taken steps to increase the competitive advantage – the reliability of pharmacies in the context of the maximum availability of necessary medicines. We have significantly accelerated the replenishment of goods in pharmacies and warehouses, improved the reliability of the IT-system, adjusted the time of replenishment and much more.

The year 2011 was devoted to further detailing and elaboration of TOC solutions.

In particular, improvements related to such areas as the mechanism of accelerated replenishment of pharmacies from the warehouse, the system of medication orders from suppliers, reduction of lost sales, automation of shipping / transportation / receipt of goods, optimization of the buffer. In addition, we have prepared and implemented new mechanisms of warehouse operation during peak / seasonal loads, sales decline, and worked out new approaches to the formation of the network of medicines. In addition to inventory management, distribution and logistics solutions, changes have also affected marketing. Through Thinking Processes, the drugstore clients’ unwanted phenomena (NSAs) were worked out, according to which their new categories were formed and “mafia offers” were created for each of the client categories (special marketing offers that eliminated specific NBI clients).
Among the results achieved during the project, we would like to point out a significant reduction in the turnover of goods – from 33 to 17 days, as well as a reduction in stocks in retail – the ratio of retail stocks and in the central stock decreased from 9: 1 to 3: 1.

Equally important is the achievement of the project, which we consider increasing the level of responsibility of each team member for the achievement of the strategic goals of the company.

This was made possible by a clear understanding of how to improve, as well as by the fact that each team member was involved in the development of the implementation plan.

Working with has helped to increase the overall professional level of the team and has contributed to an internal team-building effect.

We recommend for strategic management projects as a team of consultants who have a great understanding of each client’s uniqueness / features and are willing to work with them to create customized unique solutions.
Director of Hormone Drugs.

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