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13.04.2020 0 Comments has expanded its network to 200 pharmacies. has grown significantly over the past year. Since January 2017, the company has opened 60 pharmacies in 8 regions of the country, and the total number of pharmacies under the brand at the end of the year reached 200.
Pharmaceutical retailer began operations in the US market in August 2006. The first outlets were opened by the company in Kiev, with the subsequent development of a network throughout the United States. To date, more than 200 pharmacies have been opened in 15 regions of the country. Every day, more than 70,000 customers are serviced by the network’s pharmacies, and about 500,000 loyal customers come to every month for advice and necessary medications.

The mark of 200 pharmacies for the US retail pharmacy market is not unique, however, to date, only the network is represented in such a large scale in the “value for money” segment.
From the first day of the pharmacy, the network was distinguished by its bright design in a “positive” green tone, high-quality lighting, the introduction of an open area where the client could independently choose individual medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics and accessories. The brand paid special attention to the quality of pharmaceutical consultations, and accordingly, the level of training of pharmacists.

The crisis of 2014-2015 changed the distribution of forces in the pharmacy retail market, following the rapidly poorer consumer, most retail operators were forced to migrate to the low price segment, thereby paying less and less attention to the quality of service, service and market positioning.

Resources that were previously used for staff development and personal service for the client began to be redistributed to maximize discounts.

Commenting on the marketing director of the network Gennady Karlinsky: “I must admit that the idea of ​​repositioning has been repeatedly discussed at the Company. However, appreciating what our customers really appreciate, we decided to remain those whom the client loved and truly trusted. We tried to give the client what he most expected of us – competence and quality pharmaceutical expertise. None of the staff development or quality control programs has been curtailed; moreover, we have increased the frequency of pharmacy control in the framework of the mystery shopper program ed: mystery shopper, significantly reorganized the work of the contact center and increased the group in social networks – all this allowed us to be in constant contact with customers and respond quickly to inquiries. ”

It turned out that by the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, became virtually the only national market operator that not only did not lose its customer-oriented format, but also significantly positioned itself from competitors.
Focusing on the service and pharma retailer, the client suggested that the customer focus not on the price of an individual drug, but on the fairness of the price for a really high-quality service. For this, the network is actively introducing constant promotional offers for the most popular medicines, as well as personifying offers for consumers, and there are opportunities for this, since the company operates one of the largest database of loyal customers on the market.

The development of the network also played into the hands, customers confirm their message “but a commission, if they need it”, not only in cities with population over one million or in regional centers, but also in many small regional centers.
Natalia Shutiak, Operations Director of Network: We are pleased with the results of 2017, over the past year the sales of the network have grown, which allowed us to increase our market share and occupy a solid third position in the US retail pharmacy market. Speaking about plans for the future, we do not plan to reduce the speed and level of service in our pharmacies. In 2018, we will actively open new pharmacies in order to surpass the grand master bar of 250 pharmacies under the brand by the end of the year.

Active expansion and extensive development inevitably leads to lower operating standards, as one of the most difficult aspects in the work of retail.

This factor becomes especially sensitive in pharmacy retail, because, unlike traditional retail, where the client is used to exchanging money for goods, the client does not expect from the pharma retailer not the exchange of goods, but the realization of his needs, which are located at the border of the pharmacy, medical expertise and personified, and sometimes and very personal, intimate competence.
We can say for sure that today the network is not just a successful business, but also a market driver that does not allow pharmacy retail to finally turn into a hard discounter format with all the attributes of minimized service and consumer comfort corresponding to it.

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