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We’ll call you soon to our new Facebook contest.

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Take a picture of your little one at the moment, if you want to enjoy the love of little children, that you should know for the help of the online Google form from 06/13/2019 to 07/25/2020. Give photographs with a check by purchasing at “”, but they bought the child’s harchuvanny yourself from us.

The loyalty program is our pride to you for friendly friendships.

We appreciate your loyalty and total purchases in our pharmacies; we will pay you 1% for your bonus rachun. Bonuses for the bonus rahun can be accumulated, but instead, you can get skin-friendly once offensive purchases in our pharmacies.
The program on October 30, 2019 on a permanent basis, within the framework of all registered on the date of purchase, automatically becomes a participant at the time of registration. Dermatologically, if you buy in our pharmacies, you need 1% of the total price for your bonus rachunok.

There is also a bonus Bonus – you can be merciful when shopping at ANC pharmacies.

Kupuyuchi, Vee can pay off with accumulated bonuses. Accumulated bonuses do not vlachayutsya klіntu gotіvkoyu. When paying for a leather purchase, a client can quickly buy a bonus amount, as I don’t transfer the excess to the bonus rahun. When you have the best goods in check, you can’t get a smaller one for 1 UAH. How to make bonuses in order to clear bonuses for a bonus card, you need to be a member of the loyalty program – for your sake mother, I have registered an ANC pharmacy card, but I have a phone number.

The registration of the pharmacy at the time of purchase by the buyer in the pharmacies of the ANC.

Yak insured bonuses For a leather purchase, all participants of the loyalty program automatically insured to guarantee a bonus of 1% of the total sum of checks, and also additional and bonus bonuses for keeping in mind the shares of our pharmacies.

• Guarantee bonus of 1% total sum of check for registered customers

• Additional bonuses for participation in promotions of our pharmacies Special offers may be reimbursed for additional bonuses for remotely renewed premium rates. When you become a participant in loyalty programs, you will automatically wait for the number of your rozsilniki to register for a room, and also send your money for processing your personal data from the “About personal data” memory.

• As well as additional information, as a matter of fact, we will inform you about it. Follow our new directions and discourage greater relocation. How to redeem bonuses In order to redeem bonuses, just go to the pharmacist at the time of purchase and buy the bonus bag, I want Yakutia Vicky by the way.

When you receive bonuses for the purchase, in case of bonuses, there are bonuses, you will be paid for the amount by minus the bonuses in this check.

How can I get it, how much money do I have to get more information about insurance / vikoristani bonuses and the balance for the bonus rahun can be won: ◦ On check ◦ In the center, customer service at ◦ Pharmacy pharmacist.

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