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14.04.2020 0 Comments provides each customer with an individual service approach and only certified and high-quality medical products.

More than 7 thousand items of products make them adapted to consumer demand and ensure market competitiveness. The low cost of medicines attracts most buyers.
The first outlet was opened in 2007. Now it is a giant of the pharmaceutical market, which operates under its own brand, and also provides franchised services with accompaniment. The franchise is also beneficial for partners – it provides an opportunity to quickly open a branch and start making profits by deducting a small percentage. The first franchises began to be sold relatively recently. Enterprises are already open in all major cities, and these are spacious rooms with huge halls, a huge assortment and numerous staff. All outlets are located on the central streets of cities. is positioned as a new format for the acquisition of medical units.

In the round-the-clock mode any types of medicines that exist on the Chelyabinsk market are available. Pharmacies are not only profiled as drug sellers. They sell a huge amount of quality cosmetics from leading brands with a worldwide reputation, which is sold only in such retail outlets, as well as a large assortment of effective food additives and vitamins.

Representations exist so that a person can find any drug that he needs, get it at a low price and in a short time.
The corporation is represented by a huge number of outlets, which makes it possible to use the services of any resident of the country, including from remote settlements. In total, they are represented in 43 regions of Russia and make up the total number of more than 1,400 pieces. New ones open daily and in a week there will be more of them.
The corporation has partnerships with several pharmacies from 10 cities in Europe.

According to statistics, nearly 6 million people nationwide are serviced monthly.

The organization has a huge number of qualified employees who undergo additional training within the enterprise. The manual tracks the latest pharmaceutical products, so in the catalogs you can find innovative medicines that only appear on the market and are prescribed for treatment.

The official website of the pharmacy chain constantly holds interesting promotions and contests.

This allows marketers to study the demand of the population and make products more accessible. Also, marketers are constantly studying the demand for certain products. Everything is done in order to procure medicines from manufacturers and timely deliver strategic supplies to branches.

Buying medicine.
Usually, after visiting the doctor in the clinic and receiving appointments, the patient enters the nearest kiosk with a meager assortment, which is located on the way home, and buys what he needs. If the purpose is rare, you have to go around several branches located in the area of ​​residence, or go to a large pharmaceutical organization. Now, you don’t have to spend so much time buying rare drugs. It is enough to enter the site and place an order, and after that just pick up and pay what is needed. This saves a ton of time and effort. You can also use the services of a round-the-clock help desk to clarify the availability of goods. Operators will tell you if there is something for sale and can book it. Recently, a new service has appeared – the order of medicines via the Internet with the ability to get them at home.

Discount system.
The Health Planet discount system is beneficial for buyers. It becomes available when you purchase over 500 rubles. A regular customer accumulative card is issued, which is a registered card. Depending on the savings, it provides an opportunity to save up to 5% of the acquisition cost. Also, marketers introduce such events:
various interesting promotions for customers, sales of popular goods, prize draws and more.

Information on the resource

The platform offers ordinary people to use the search for medicines and the most competitive offers on them. A huge amount of information on the cost and availability of categories of goods is collected on the resource.

This is very convenient, since the patient can choose for himself the most budgetary option of appointment, book it by phone and pick it up at any time. is on the list of companies. Here you can:
check availability;

find the lowest offer price;

Compare prices of items with similar prices from other organizations;

book the necessary through the operator service and pick up when convenient. is one of the largest, client-oriented and best federal enterprises that works so that a resident of the country can buy l

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