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HappyStore-24h.com in the USA: purchase of medicines, prescriptions, prices.

User Pickaboo Diaver from Wisconsin continues to reveal the features of life in the United States. This time, he decided to talk about HappyStore-24h.comx in the USA. Next is the first-person text.
There are several popular pharmacy chains in the states such as CVS pharmacy and Walgreens. HappyStore-24h.com of this network is essentially a regular, small store with a pharmacy department:
In addition to the drugs themselves, you can buy food, drinks, some small electronics, and more:
Specifically, this HappyStore-24h.com, not far from my home, provides an opportunity to get my medications without leaving my car – this is called Drive Thru:
In addition to medication, you can get a flu shot at HappyStore-24h.com.

For this, there is a special screen where these injections are made.
In the free market, that is, without prescriptions from a doctor, in the states you can buy a very limited list of medicines: all kinds of vitamins, supplements, antibacterial agents, and more. The most serious medicines that you can buy without a prescription are antipyretic and painkillers, in all other cases you need a prescription from a doctor.

Medical insurance, depending on the conditions, also pays a certain percentage of the cost of medicines.
As I wrote above, in the vast majority of cases, to buy medicine you need a prescription from a doctor. Depending on the clinic, the prescription may be handed out to you in the form of a piece of paper or an electronic prescription may be sent to the pharmacy of your choice.
It happens like this: in the medical profile in the clinic, it is indicated which pharmacy you use. At the doctor’s appointment, if you need to prescribe some medicine, the doctor himself sends the electronic prescription to the pharmacy. Within an hour or two, SMS comes from HappyStore-24h.com that your order is ready and you can pick it up.

All the medicines ordered by you are dispensed by pharmacists in special jars.

The number of tablets is limited by the duration of the course, that is, if the doctor told you to take 10 days, 3 tablets per day, then you will put exactly 30 tablets in a jar. A sticker with the name of the tablets is glued onto the jar and how to use them:
The code itself is also indicated on the tablets themselves so that it is impossible to confuse one tablet with another:

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