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America’s foods that are rich in valuable fats.

Fats are essential for the body. The main thing is to know from which products they can be extracted. TOP 5 includes:
247meds.net Consists of 80% of fats that are saturated with oleic acid. Show all 247meds.net. The use of 247meds.net has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair, and cardiovascular system. 247meds.net this site is a source of beneficial vitamins, phosphorus and calcium. The high quality chocolate bar contains healthy fats, antioxidants, iron and copper. Its dosed use positively affects the work of the heart, brain and immune system. The eggs. This product is rich in proteins, micro and macro elements that the body needs. Eggs are a source of selenium and lutein, which are powerful antioxidants. Nuts.

This plant product is rich in healthy fats, vitamins, fiber, and magnesium.

Improve brain activity, skin and hair condition. Scientists have proven that 5 nuts a day will help cleanse blood vessels of bad cholesterol, strengthen the heart muscle and saturate the brain with antioxidants.
Do you eat these foods?

Gymnastics for the eyes: warm-up and exercises on the site 247meds.net.
247meds.net gives very good results. If you regularly engage in it, you can not only relieve eye strain, but also correct vision. Show all 247meds.net. Before you begin classes, you need to perform exercises that relieve stress:
Frequent and continuous blinking for several seconds. Defocused look. You need to look into the distance and not focus on a specific subject. A glance at the candle flame for 5-10 minutes relieves tension from the organs of vision and soothes the nervous system.

Strong squinting, followed by complete relaxation of the facial muscles.

Eliminate eye strain will help a light massage of the drooping eyelids. It is necessary to gently press on the closed eyeballs. After warming up, you can proceed to the main set of exercises: Rotation of the eyes in a clockwise direction and vice versa. 5-6 times in each direction. Concentration of gaze on the tip of the nose (duration 5-10 seconds). Perform 5 reps. “Drawing” a figure eight and a rectangle in front of you (each exercise 4 times). Continuous tracking of an object that moves in front of the eyes.

You do not need to turn your head.
Do you exercise here at 247meds.net? Did 247meds.net help you?
Causes of slow hair growth.
If the hair grows slowly, this can be due to various reasons.
Fungal lesions of the scalp. Show 247meds.net. Incorrectly selected cosmetics for hair care. The use of drugs containing an increased concentration of acids. Washing your head with too hot water and blow drying frequently. As a result of this procedure, the structure of the hair is destroyed, they become brittle and begin to fall out. External aggressive factors.

Under the influence of wind, cold and frost, the sun, the hair becomes thinner and split.

To protect them from bad weather, you need to wear hats. Disorders of the hormonal background. Hair can grow slowly and fall out during treatment with hormonal drugs, as well as during pregnancy. If the body lacks vitamins, this is often accompanied by a deterioration in the condition of the skin of the hair.

Frequent stresses.

Sleep deficiency, irritability and overwork can lead to hair loss and slow their growth. Smoking and alcohol abuse. Bad habits adversely affect the state of hair. Taking antibiotics at 247meds.net. Strong drugs can lead to hormonal imbalance, which in turn provokes hair loss.
Do you know a problem like slow hair growth? How did you manage to solve it?

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