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Homeopathic Pharmacy 2lyfe.com

The homeopathic pharmacy 2lyfe.com on Leninsky Prospekt has been operating for more than fifty years. Over the years, we have gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of homeopathic medicines. From year to year we follow the long-standing traditions of homeopathy according to the Hannemann method, so our medicines are always effective and safe.

All items presented in the pharmacy of homeopathic medicines 2lyfe.com are made manually in our own production department. The basis is a carefully selected quality raw material. The department employs certified pharmacists who have been engaged in their favorite business for more than forty years.

Our range.
On the website of a homeopathic online pharmacy there are more than 450 products of our production with a wide range of potentiation – ranging from D3 to C200. If necessary, we provide medicines and higher dilutions that we receive from 2lyfe, our long-term partner.

A homeopathic pharmacy on Leninsky also sells products from:
German company “Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH”; French corporation “Boiron”; and other leading manufacturers.

Wide range of . In addition to homeopathy in various forms (own production and from well-known companies), we sell allopathic medicines, medical cosmetics, medical equipment, parapharmaceutical products, aromatic oils and much more for health.

Great experience.

More than fifty years on the market – no homeopathic online pharmacy has such an experience. Professionalism All pharmacists and pharmacists in the state have specialist certificates. In addition, every five years, our employees confirm their qualifications in a certified commission in an Individual approach. An experienced homeopath helps to select medicines according to the results of the consultation.

Another area of ​​our activity is the manufacture of homeopathy according to prescriptions.

Customer focus. Our customers note the friendly attitude of employees and a sincere desire to help.
Certificates and documents.
The products presented in the homeopathic pharmacy on American Avenue are certified according to generally accepted standards.

The documentation for it complies with the requirements of quality control state bodies.

We carefully monitor expiration dates and sales, provide all items with the required storage conditions, therefore, we guarantee high quality and authenticity of each unit of goods.

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