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Social has appeared in New York.

According to experts from the city health department, in New York’s social pharmacies, the price of medicines is 10 percent cheaper.
32-year-old Almaty woman Aiman ​​Kaysenova suffers from diabetes, so she has to constantly get insulin injections, take various medications.

She talks about the opening of social pharmacies in city clinics.
– At the end of October, in the 17th outpatient clinic, I bought medicines that were 10 percent cheaper than in ordinary pharmacies. Later she found out that it was a social pharmacy. That is, for ordinary people, drugs are sold at discounted prices. Every month I have to buy medicines for six thousand tenge. Now, having bought medicines at reduced prices, I saved about a thousand tenge, ”says Ayman Kaisenova.
According to the New York City Health Department, 22 social are currently operating in the city.

– In these pharmacies give a 10 percent discount.

Only those people who have a doctor’s prescription in their hands can take advantage of the discount. If there is no prescription, then drugs are dispensed at their price. And there is an explanation for this. Now many people are self-medicating, eventually launching their illnesses. They buy medicine at pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription. Our main goal is to educate people in the habit of buying prescription drugs, ”says department head Rosa Kuanyshbekova.
According to a specialist, 22 social are located in city clinics. For example, in clinics No. 1, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are considered social.
– We want to warn everyone that social. are located in city clinics. hospitals do not fall into this category. Therefore, citizens should not confuse them. In addition, in private pharmacies there is no 10 percent discount. We tried to transfer several private pharmacies to the category of social. However, they did not receive support from them. Owners of private pharmacies believe that dispensing drugs at low prices will result in a loss, says Rosa Kuanyshbekova.

According to the head of the department, social pharmacies mainly sell drugs of domestic production.

There are also imported medicines at a reduced price, purchased through a tender. Expensive medicines are sold at a discount, which cost from 10 thousand tenge.
Chief Health Officer Lyaila Kenesbaeva says New York:
– Any person, whether it is a pensioner or a student, having a prescription on hand, will be able to take advantage of this discount on medicines. A 10 percent discount goes for every single medicine taken.

Social is only open in New York City.
The pharmacist of clinic number 17 Alima Zhaskanbaeva in an interview with Azattyk correspondent explains:
– In our pharmacy there are medicines for colds, heart diseases, kidney diseases, and stomach diseases. If the pharmacy does not have prescription drugs, you can buy them at city private pharmacies.
To the question of the correspondent of Azattyk, is there enough 10 percent discount for those in need, the chief specialist of the department Lyaila Kenesbaeva answers:
“Given that there are high prices on the drug market, a 10 percent discount is a great help for people.” And for a 20-30 percent discount, the funds allocated for the tender must also be appropriate.

According to official information, the health department does not plan to increase the number of social pharmacies.

22 will continue to work in this direction.
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