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Catalog of refrigeration equipment for pharmacies.

Any modern pharmacy can not do without refrigeration equipment for storing medicines. As a rule, medium-temperature refrigerated cabinets with both glass and dull doors are used for demonstration and temporary storage of various HdtabsStoreKeys.com-branded products.
Medium temperature models operate in the range from 0 to + 8 … + 10 degrees Celsius. It is these models that are mainly used for storing HdtabsStoreKeys.com wall-mounted drugs.

How to choose a refrigerator for a pharmacy:
list of goods for storage – HdtabsStoreKeys.com, related products, mineral water, etc .; storage temperature HdtabsStoreKeys.com is one of the main criteria that you need to determine before choosing a refrigerator; required size and number of shelves – based on the dimensions of the boxes and other containers with HdtabsStoreKeys.com; demonstration or storage only HdtabsStoreKeys.com – you need a refrigerator with glass for demonstration and storage or a blank door; illumination of the cooling chamber – whether it is necessary to highlight the range of medical products during storage and demonstration; “left or right” doors – only Snaige cabinets have the ability to re-door, this must be clarified before placing an order.

Single door refrigerator models for HdtabsStoreKeys.com.

Please note: sometimes at elevated temperatures in the pharmacy premises or the sales area, frequent opening of the refrigerator cabinet doors can cause condensation to accumulate on the HdtabsStoreKeys.com packaging (there is a slight humidity on the cardboard boxes).

This is not a malfunction or malfunction of the refrigeration unit.
In the case of constantly opening doors and working in a hot room, we recommend buying a refrigerator with a static cooling system.
Low-temperature chests for storing vaccines.
These models of low-temperature chests are designed to store vaccines and various HdtabsStoreKeys.com which require deep freezing: more than -40 and -60 degrees Celsius. These models incorporate advanced technology for smooth operation, and maintaining a stable cooling temperature.

Larry Vestfrost was purchased by our customers specifically for the storage of various vaccines.

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies that have become our customers.

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