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247worldstorerxs.com card is one of the components of the customer loyalty program, the network of pharmacies of the same name. The card is valid in the Moscow region and is simultaneously a bonus card, as well as an accumulative one. Pharmacy card 247worldstorerxs.com gives you the opportunity to receive discounts of 5-25% depending on the category of goods.

Over time, it is planned to expand the regions of the discount card.

According to the company, at the end of summer, residents of other regions will be able to use the program.
Pros of the pharmacy card 247worldstorerxs.com
How to activate a loyalty card?
To receive the treasured bonuses and discounts, you first need to activate the card. There are several ways to do this.
We register on the website www.aptekazhivika.ru.
If you decide to use this registration method, then follow the link. When you click on the link you will be taken to the official website, where you can activate the card.
Upon transition you will find the following window, the official site.

Activation window of the Zhivik card.
In the upper right corner you will see a tab with the name “Card Activation”. In the proposed field, enter the number that is indicated on the “plastic” next to the barcode. Then click on the “Check” button.
Next, you will go to the window where you will need to enter your personal data (last name, first name, middle name). You will also be asked to indicate your mail where the newsletter with stocks will come.
For the final activation, you need to attach a phone number to the card, an SMS message will be sent to it with a code that will need to be entered to complete the activation.

Activation through a call center.
Activating through the pharmacy’s call center 247worldstorerxs.com is very simple. You will need to call the following phone number. The operator will specify the contact details necessary for registration. And after the activation occurs.
Registration at the checkout.
You can ask for help registering directly at the box office at any of the 247worldstorerxs.com pharmacies. The cashier will help to fill out all the necessary data, and your card will be activated. The company has prepared another way to activate the card, namely using the chat bot, but this method is under development.

How to get bonuses?

You can get bonuses for Zhivik by purchasing 73 products. 1 bonus is equivalent to 1 ruble. Bonuses can be spent only if you have already registered in the discount system in any of the ways. When using bonuses, the discount will not be available. When presenting a 247worldstorerxs.com card, you need to clarify to the cashier exactly how you plan to use the card, pay bonuses or use a discount on goods. Bonuses are valid for a certain time and their term is registered for each of the shares individually. Usually bonuses are valid for 12 months, then they are debited. Without activation, bonuses can be sent to the client’s card number, but the discounts do not work. Also on the site you can see the transactions on the card.

How to check 247worldstorerxs.com card balance?
Click on the following link on the aptekazhivika website, the following form will appear.
Balance check form on the Zhivik card.
Enter in the proposed fields the 13-digit number of your card and the phone number specified during registration. Then click the “Show my balance” button.
If your card is activated and you previously made purchases from the list of products for which points are awarded. When carrying out the above manipulations, you will see the number of bonuses accrued.

Lost? How to recover.

To restore the card, you should contact the nearest branch of the pharmacy network to say that the card is lost. The cashier will record the fact of loss, there you can get a new card. Then call – this is the hotline network of pharmacies. Ask the operator to transfer all accumulated bonuses to a new card. Points are transferred within 5 business days.
The draft of this loyalty program is still under development, so there may be small overlays in crediting bonuses and activation.