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How the image works for a private business.

The only thing that still reminds of the academic building of the medical academy on Sobornaya, 4 is the students standing nearby. The building of the medical university has long turned into a medium for outdoor advertising “Optics”, and the “Diagnostic Center of the Medical Academy”, that is, commercial institutions. From a marketing point of view, the move is extremely successful. Such a kinship of names and a joint place of “registration” of a medical university, medical institutions and pharmacies creates a feeling of trust among consumers. And also the confidence that the money spent in these institutions goes, including for the benefit of our future doctors.

“Medical and Diagnostic Center of the Medical Academy.”

According to the information on their official website, it was created and has been operating on the basis of DMA since 2007. The main goal of the activity is to provide services in the field of laboratory diagnostics based on modern laboratory technologies. With a more detailed check, this center turns out to be a private business, which uses the 100-year history of the academy.
Accreditation, certificates and a license for the operation of a medical center were not issued to the Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy, but to LLC, registered in 1998. The leader of which is Sergey Ivanovich Goncharov, who is also a vice-rector of the medical academy in economics.

The owners of LLC are Goncharov Sergey Ivanovich, the former husband of the current rector of the medical academy Pertseva Tatyana Alekseevna.
In addition to medical diagnostic centers, the structure of the same rectorial LLC includes a whole network of pharmacies. Today it is 19 pharmacies in the United States.
The business does not end there. At the end of the hostel of the medical academy on the street. Cathedral, 2, is a huge sign “Clinic of the Medical Academy”, which also has nothing to do with the structure of the academy itself. This is a private company registered at Versus LLC, where one of the founders and the director is the son of the former rector – Viktor Georgievich Dzyak. Also, the founders include the same Goncharov Sergey Ivanovich, Pertsev Oleg Moiseevich, as well as Shraibman Alexander Yukhimovich.

As we can see, there are no random people in this business.

The cash flow flowing under the brand of the medical academy is actually divided between the family of the former and current rector of DMA, as well as vice-rector Goncharov.
And while our doctors leave to treat Poles, Czechs and Germans forever, someone continues to do business under the guise of a white coat.