Belew Drugs

If sexual health begins to malfunction, characteristic disorders of potency and ejaculatory function appear, then a combined type of medicine,, will come to the rescue.

Its use helps to cope with severe signs of sexual weakness, complicated by the risks of achieving spontaneous and rapid orgasm. features of the effect on the body. is a modern medicine that simultaneously helps to combat several problems: severe erectile dysfunction and rapid ejaculation, which cannot be restrained by the efforts of the will.

A combined effect is achieved due to the two-component composition of the tablets.
Vardenafil (20 mg) is responsible for regulating potency – a substance with high power and effectiveness that successfully copes with manifestations of sweat weakness. The mechanism of its action is based on the suppression of PDE-5, the active development of which is aimed at blocking an erection. Under the influence of tablets, blood supply to the pelvic organs is activated, due to which erogenous stimulation ends with a rush of blood to the penis and the formation of its resistance. The regulatory effect of vardenafil lasts for 6 hours, while it takes about one hour to achieve a sufficient level of concentration in the blood.

A prolonging effect on potency is provided by dapoxetine (60 mg), which significantly reduces the level of serotonin activity. As a result, there is a slowdown in reflex reactions associated with ejaculation.

Indications for use
The recommendation to buy is given to men who are faced with complex violations in the intimate sphere. There are no strict age restrictions that determine the circle of patients. Young people can use the drug, as well as men of advanced age. The specificity of the action of the tablets consists not only in the symptomatic elimination of the manifestations of the disorder, but also in the therapeutic effect, the result of which can be fixed for a long time.

The benefits of generics.
The purchase of can be considered an effective way to fight for men’s health. Among the advantages of tablets include:
proven effectiveness in eliminating weakness of potency and “rate of fire” during intercourse;

balanced action that meets the standard norms and needs of the body;

An improved formula formulated with the need for a combination of basic active ingredients. buyers will be pleased with the price of the drug, which meets the budgetary capabilities of most men who need medical support.

To purchase pills, there is no need to fill out a prescription or receive an appointment from a doctor.

Making a purchase is as simple as possible – just order through the online pharmacy website. The order is being processed promptly and is being prepared for shipment by courier, pick-up or targeted mail delivery.