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The merchant pharmacy has launched the Program. At the intervals of the Programs, you can be given the opportunity to add a comrade, one at a time until hardened by one calendar month Perelika, for a low price – with a maximum low of 50%. Read more.

Merezha drugstores “” take part in the official program “Accessibles”.
Merezha drugstores “” I will ask for more corporate clients and legal entities.
“” – National merchandise of pharmacies, as it were praised to the market of 20 rock! Our partners є legal entities, medical establishments, backwaters, well-being funds, yakі pratsyuyut with us at the be-yakі zruchnіy for the client form of payment.
We are ready for you:

• I also need to provide you with medication, you can choose the right one for you, that we can work on special orders.

• For our skinned goods, we’ve got a special delivery service for you Zruchny for the hour!

• We need to add medication for a ready-made rose.

We will be glad to bachiti you with our partners! 
Kerivnik viddilu alternative sales
Merezha drugstores “” I will ask є up to special insurance companies!
For today’s day, I’m very kind to introduce a system of start-ups for insurance companies for insurance companies. Insured individuals to express their faces without cherg in the pharmacy!

Your dovira is important for us!

• availability of services,

• shvidke that operatively ubblennya your fillings.
Our qualified specialists inflate information about the availability of drugs, help with the delivery, reserve analogs, reserve goods in the pharmacy. Also, there’s a great opportunity to get vaccination, vaccination, immunization and the great seasonal purchases for customers! We will insure you of the Clinical insurance with the most medicinal products in our country in Ukraine, we already have our own pharmacies!

Partners povazhayut that appreciate our sp_vpratsyu with them.

We need to take leadership positions in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, we develop, we all have everything!
We will be glad to bachiti you with our partners!

Official rules for participation in the pharmacy loyalty program.

The respect Information is important for all purchasers and participants in the loyalty programs of the least drugstores “ Prior to the official rules for participation in the pharmacy loyalty program, an online reservation is made, as well as: clause 3.1.1 of the deposits in the online edition 3.1.1. ) that is more (with one check) 3.1.2. The participant Programmable to take a Card, having purchased a sum of 50 hryvnias (including PDV) more and more (with one check) in Pharmacy, more than 2 months have passed.
Official rules for participation in the pharmacy loyalty program (nadal – Program) – a vzamovidnosin complex, as a result of which a participant is a program (nadal – Participant) all rights are reserved.