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We only cooperate with reliable and trusted suppliers. All medicines presented at us have passed state registration. When ordering through the pharmacy website, a 7% discount is granted on all goods except VAT. is located near the metro stations on the map.

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I ordered it, reserved it, arrived and took it, everything is super. Well done!
The information on the website does not correspond to reality, Internet orders have not been processed by anyone for a long time, you only waste time in vain. not recommend!
On Friday I ordered cosmetics by phone. The courier delivered everything on Saturday at a persuaded hour.

Thanks! I liked everything.

I will still order.
Sjogodnі bought cosmetics at the pharmacy. The price on the website is the real price in the pharmacy. If she called on the phone, they clarified the price and then promptly wished. The price of the bull is acceptable. Skoda, scho dumb delivery, less samovivіz, however, the price is not great.

Awful! Not a foot to them anymore! Prices on the site are not updated, managers after ordering on the site do not call back, it’s unrealistic to get through the phone to clarify the availability of ordered drugs! As a result – a spoiled mood, the time and money spent on the trip, and the necessary medicines at a much higher price (and more than in other Canada-Choice.comx). At the same time, the pharmacy staff still has the audacity to argue that “you are confusing something, there cannot be such a price on the site, we all updated on time.” And you do not need to write in response to my review that I arrived at the pharmacy in a week! The order was made at 10-11 a.m., arrived at the pharmacy on the same day at about 18-20.

Strongly do not recommend this pharmacy. full crap prices are not updated! Here the price of $ 6 hangs and $ 11 is in place, and this is already 3 weeks.
The prices on the site do not match the prices in the pharmacy! Diskus injections turned out to cost $ 39, although the site price was about $ 21.
There is nothing easier than placing an order on the site, then there will be no misunderstandings.
Of course, if suppliers change prices almost daily, you can get into a situation when you saw the price of $ 21., And then arrived at the pharmacy a week later and were surprised at the updated price, and this is not our fault.

And on the site prices are the same, because they are unloaded there daily and automatically.
By the way, if you write a review, then please leave a real email (that’s what you wrote – there is no such domain), otherwise your review looks like a fake.
The prices that speak on the phone do not match the prices in the pharmacy! Lutein tablets (vag) turned out to cost about $ 13, although they announced a price of about $ 8 by telephone.

At first I visited this pharmacy. I really liked it.

Then a couple of times faced with deception. I call – they say one price, I come – more expensive by $ 1.2.3. Unpleasant. But the case made me say goodbye to this pharmacy: once, standing in line, I witnessed how the seller began to raise his voice for an old woman who was paying with a $ 20 bill. She didn’t have less. To which the seller began to express her displeasure to the old woman in raised tones.

It became very unpleasant for me, having made a remark to the seller, I left.

It is a pity I did not remember her name and surname (middle-aged, short-haired and always dissatisfied). But since then I don’t go there.
I periodically buy drugs here, I like it, the prices are affordable, the service is good, if something is missing, you can order it, and in order to avoid misunderstandings, I clarify everything over the phone.