Daynight Drugs Store

The largest pharmacy chain in the Ural region is expanding its horizons, and provides new and regular customers with the service of online product purchase without leaving home.

You can order the necessary medications on the website of the online pharmacy. Delivery is carried out at home, in the office of the company or any pharmacy in the city of Chelyabinsk.
The company’s catalog provides an impressive selection of medicines that customers can purchase by sending an online application. Even if the goods are not in the warehouse of the city, they are delivered from the regions as soon as possible.

The online pharmacy range includes:
drugs of different directions; medical and cosmetic products; herbs and fees; medical equipment; vitamins for adults and children; Dietary supplements; contact lenses; personal hygiene products.
For all customers of online pharmacy, promotions are regularly held and cumulative discounts are provided.

Reviews and complaints.
A pharmacist works in the pharmacy at, speaks very rudely with customers, considers himself smarter than everyone, but does not think that people with the highest headlights go to the pharmacy. arr. Please have a conversation with the pharmacist.

Good afternoon.

Always used this network of drugstores. And today, just in shock from the service at They did not have a change; they turned away from me as a buyer. Switch to another client. I asked for a book of complaints, with a wave of my hand I was sent to the beginning of the hall, where there was no complaints book! I went back to the cash register, another pharmacist came out with the words: “what will become easier for you if you write, we now had an audit, we don’t know where this book is, let me hand over the change” I refused. She said that I would call the hotline. In the back they shouted to me: “when you call, say hello” I did not remember the name. The first time I see such habals in a pharmacy, and this is the face of the company. I did not reach the hotline.

If you are interested in a premises for a pharmacy or pharmacy warehouse call me.
I bought a pack of feminals. I came home, but inside is empty, there are no pills. Fraudsters and swindlers.

Check the packaging !
10/26/2020 I witnessed a very unpleasant incident at pharmacy, when an elderly woman (81 years old) not only did not help with the medicine, but was almost expelled from the pharmacy, she didn’t react to her legal requirement to give a complaint book, and the seller who rudely served her quickly took off the badge, we could not find out her name or surname by that name. All that was needed was just to call the help desk of all pharmacies and find out which pharmacy has the injections so necessary for a sick, old grandmother suffering memory loss.

Then I I found out that she just came to the wrong pharmacy, the old woman got lost.

We still found the pharmacy and medicine she needed, but your sellers acted not humanly, not humanely and very rudely. God judge them. I apologized to them grandmother and asked her not to be upset, because there are more good people in the world than bad people. I hope that they will someday understand this. 10/26/19
Reviews about the branch network.

This is not the first time I’ve come to a pharmacy.

I always ask you to give me a certain drug that was needed at that time, cheaper. Always offer more expensive. We have to say that there is such a thing for so many things. For example, she asked for glycine. Cheaper. I was offered for $ 8., I did not take. I moved away from the cash register, my eyes fell on the window and there lies glycine for $ 4. The last time I came with a package of diazolin, so that they would find it without question, I take it regularly, the cost is $ 2.

They tried to give me impudently another, worth $ 13.
Hello. Yesterday, my friend came to your pharmacy to buy drugs because she is sick. I’ll tell you right away that this disease is related to hearing. She listed the necessary drugs, to which the pharmacist answered something to her. The subscriber did not hear this and asked to say louder, to which the “pharmacist” began to clatter and scream. Since the girl was recently after the operation and she has labile emotions, she certainly cried and left the pharmacy.

He recently graduated from a medical college and I know how to prepare pharmacists for work.

A pharmacist is also a medical professional, he is not just a seller of medicines. And he also has a list of competencies that he is obliged to observe. But on the basis of this case, I conclude that this “seller” stupidly sat in his pants in the school for 4 years, hoping that due to the commercial structure his faculty will not be pulled out of there. I don’t know who’s in charge of you, probably the pharmacist. Convincing request to talk or reprimand this “seller”. I undertake to visit you in the near future and leave a written review.