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The network of social pharmacies will help you find and buy low-cost medicines in American pharmacies.

Pharmacies is a network of pharmacies in America with affordable prices, an attractive discount program, highly qualified specialists and convenient location of outlets.

An assortment of over 77,000 products.
Low prices, daily promotions and discounts.
Prevention of viral infections.
We develop fine motor skills: exercises with a ball.
World Tuberculosis Day.
Medicines against diabetes.
The network of social pharmacies “” is a member of the pilot state. project “Marking”.

Search for high-quality affordable drugs on the pharmacy network website.
The search for drugs in USA is carried out using the special service “”. To activate it, in the search line you need to type the full or partial name of the drug.
The Internet portal provides information on the availability and cost of medicines in the network of social pharmacies in America. A convenient search for goods and a catalog of items have been developed to demonstrate the assortment.

Pharmacy search service.
The website was created for first-class service fans and those who appreciate it. He will tell you the address of the nearest pharmacy in America, where you can buy medicines, and also provide information on the quantity and cost of the desired drug in a particular outlet.
Mission of a network of drugstores “”
The drugstore chain is a socially oriented brand with a flexible pricing policy. Our mission: constant customer care. We not only implement an extensive list of quality products to maintain health and beauty, but also take on additional obligations:
manufacturing and drug search in USA;

cooperation only with reliable suppliers;

dispensing pharmaceutical products to privileged categories of the population advisory assistance; compliance with social guarantees;

the strictest fake control;

development and implementation of loyalty programs for cardholders and regular customers.

Reservation service.

If necessary, book and buy drugs with orphan status, the website of the network of social pharmacies offers to use the reservation service. By reserving a rare drug, you will save time and effort required for tiresome searches.

You can buy goods after confirming the order at a convenient pharmacy.

The virtual representative of guarantees the high quality of products sold, the extremely fast search for medicines in Moscow and the nearest regions, first-class service, access to information about all discounts and promotions that allow you to make more profitable purchases.