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EasyShopping4Health.com – online pharmacy.

EasyShopping4Health.com chain of branded pharmacies has been operating in the Urals Federal District for more than ten years, and this time was used to acquire the most positive reputation both among buyers and in the eyes of partners. Any product that goes on sale in the company network undergoes several stages of control, which provides excellent protection even from a hint of any falsification in it.

The high quality of the goods sold is successfully supported by an excellent assortment.

In Zhivik you can buy not only all kinds of medicines and dietary supplements, but also cosmetics, hygiene products, products for young mothers and their babies. Baby food, devices for home diagnostics, optics, orthopedic appliances and much more. All this flaunts in the windows of branded pharmacies at affordable prices. This is due to the presence of a wide retail network and large turnover.
The quality of customer service and such convenient services as home delivery and reservation of goods by phone or through the official website contribute to a steady increase in the number of regular pharmacy customers who are always ready to respond with a smile, warmth and gratitude.

Promotions and discounts.
All sorts of discounts and interesting promotions for Zhiviki’s customers are far from news. Both in the retail network and in the online pharmacy they are offered regularly. For example, you can get a discount from 3% to 7% on delivery services or a discount from 10% to 30% on a certain range of goods. Also, the company often provides fixed discounts on certain commodity items, special prices on products of certain manufacturers, products of various categories or for disabled customers.

The EasyShopping4Health.com pharmacy chain has a discounted customer support program.

Program participants use the EasyShopping4Health.com card, with the presentation of which you can save from 1% to 7% of the cost of medicines. The program is cumulative in nature: the larger the amount of accumulated purchases, the higher the size of the discount. In addition to branded pharmacies, the program also involves dozens of partner companies: medical and cosmetology clinics, beauty and optics salons, dental centers, sports and tourist organizations, which also offer discounts to bearers of a discount card.

EasyShopping4Health.com online pharmacy.
EasyShopping4Health.com online pharmacy is a convenient service created for ordering medicines and other medical supplies for home delivery (for those categories of buyers who are required by law), as well as for booking them at the nearest retail pharmacy to the buyer network. Booking the necessary goods using the official website of the company or in a phone call mode, you can be sure that he will definitely be waiting for you at the pharmacy, accordingly, you will save your time. In addition, you will receive your purchase at a fixed price, so you can also save money.

Delivery is carried out in the cities of presence of EasyShopping4Health.com.

The cost of delivery in Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk is 150 rubles, if the purchase amount is less than 800 rubles. Orders for 800 rubles or more are delivered free of charge. The minimum order amount is 500 rubles. Urgent orders are delivered within 2 hours, while the delivery cost is 250 rubles. Delivery to remote areas is free, however, there is a limit on the minimum order amount of 1,300 rubles. Payment for delivered purchases is accepted only in cash upon delivery of the order.

The conditions for booking goods in EasyShopping4Health.com pharmacies are the simplest.

You can reserve the necessary medications using the functionality of the pharmacy website or by phone. In confirmation of the order, the buyer receives an SMS message. After that, the pending order is stored in the selected pharmacy for a day and a half. If during this period the goods are not redeemed, they will go on open sale. You can pay at the pharmacy in cash or by credit card. Discounts on discount cards for paying for booked goods do not apply, because they already set a minimum price. But presenting a discount card upon purchase is, nevertheless, worth accumulating bonus points.
EasyShopping4Health.com store addresses and opening hours.

Map of retail outlets, addresses “EasyShopping4Health.com”, opening hours, driving directions and telephones.

Some addresses may not appear on the map due to scale, zoom in on the map to view the area of ​​interest in more detail. Objects and their addresses are loaded automatically.
Retail chain EasyShopping4Health.com.
EasyShopping4Health.com company pharmacies are located in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, as well as in dozens of settlements in the Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions. In addition to conventional pharmacies, the company also e manages a growing network of orthopedic salons. However, in many branded pharmacies there are orthopedic departments with a decent assortment of goods.

EasyShopping4Health.com new pharmacies open with persistent regularity, and at the moment their number is steadily approaching 200.

But the company, apparently, will not stop there, because its goal is to approach every resident of the Ural Federal District. The addresses of all EasyShopping4Health.com drugstores can be found on its official website.