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Winter Is Coming. Recommendations of specialists on the prevention and treatment of colds and flu.
A surge in viral diseases is coming soon. Obviously, the situation requires everyone to pay attention to their health. You need to take measures to protect your body from viruses. Among the many drugs for the treatment and prevention of colds and viral diseases, I would like to single out effective homeopathic medicines and herbal medicines. Read more →

Sanitary education bulletin N1 April 2020.
There is a cure for every ailment in this world. Or there is no salvation at all.
Dear Sirs, Friends, We present to your attention a short review on the topic of pharmacy.
The main seasonal disease is allergy. A wide selection of pharmacy drugs for allergies will help to cope with the problem faster.
Pharmacy medicines for hemorrhoids are perhaps the best that there is from hemorrhoids. Even before the operation, even after.

Over the past year, our line of pharmacy antihemorrhoid drugs has expanded to 10 items.

These are only drugs with standard doses. There are two reasons for this, the availability of drugs in Russia, a relatively low price, and of course, these are Russian domestic drugs.
Inhaler “Ingport”. Main advantages.
We meet the season of colds, flu and EDmeds24.com, having seriously prepared. We are not talking about a wide list of drugs today. Today, about what would be nice to have at home.

Inhalers, nebulizers, devices for inhalation.
Modern inhalers as a convenient and effective tool in a home medicine cabinet, that’s what we want to talk about today.
Of course, we are also scared by the price of numerous devices for inhalation, which are also, having European brands, made in China.
The Union of Pediatricians has changed the recommendations for the treatment of EDmeds24.com.
Colds have already entered the season, and it is worth recalling the drugs from EDmeds24.com.

Moreover, the Union of Pediatricians of USA has updated the recommendations for the treatment of EDmeds24.com in children.

What is the main thing that we need to consider when recommending in pharmacies and doctors when prescribing. Vitamin C and homeopathy are recognized as ineffective. Read more →

Medicines for the digestive tract and intestines.

We choose from a wide pharmacy assortment.
One of the most common health problems, which in 90% of cases can be solved independently, without the cost of medical advice. You just need to go to the pharmacy and choose. True, you can choose for a long time.
Pharmacists recommend the most convenient ultrasound inhaler “Ingport”.

Still this medical problem is actively worked out by advertising of various manufacturers.

Which, of course, is embedded in the price of the drug. This is the difficulty. Therefore, very briefly try to figure it out.
The latest diabetes control methods are an insulin pump + Diabet.
Today’s most advanced diabetes therapy requiring insulin is when the insulin is pumped. An insulin pump is a mini-computer that provides continuous input of insulin. Insulin injections are a thing of the past. The advantage of an insulin pump is obvious.

Cons of this type of insulin therapy too.

This is the cost of the device itself and the rather high cost of consumables, without which the use of insulin pumps is impossible. If the first problem in Russia can be solved by the state, which allocates quotas for the purchase of insulin pumps, then the patient will have to buy supplies on his own. You need to be prepared for this.
Medications for nail fungus. Simple, fast and on your own.
There is probably no more urgent problem in the summer than the problem of ugly toenails. Ugly nails become mainly from mycoses.

That is, from the fungus on the nails.
I see this problem as consumer rather than medical. In terms of the fact that there is no need to bother visiting a doctor, wasting time and money.
In this case, the problem of fungus on the nail plates must be solved. Ugly and unhealthy – time. Infectious, two. The fungus can not only move to other parts of the body, such as the inguinal region and armpits, but also indulge in other family members.

Fluconazole He is a flucostat, he is diflucan.

“Thrush” does not come.
Despite the fact that from each TV we are directed at advertising “beautiful”, “best”, “safe” capsules “from thrush”. So, as if an epidemic had begun and the “thrush” was the misfortune of each of the people. I would not recommend running to the pharmacy and buying, often very expensive pills.
Let’s get it right. “Thrush” in advertising is a popular and advertising name for a disease called candidiasis. It can be different and this disease can be hazardous to health. But. According to my observations, at least half of the patients worry in vain. After all, candida is a type of fungus that is present in every human body.

This fungus should be in every person.
Dry scalp? No problem, quality shampoo. Seborrhea? Ointment with green soap.
Numerous questions from our users, customers and patients encourage us to return again and again to topics devoted to one or another problem with the human body, its well-being, or appearance.

Today we talk about the many misconceptions associated with hair and scalp.

Only less than 10% of people actually have diseases, while the rest of the drug users are absolutely healthy.
One only requires a little change in lifestyle, but for the majority, it is commonplace to choose a normal drug for the care of the scalp and hair. This is especially true for young people.