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This blog has been created especially for you if you are a first-time traveler and want to grow professionally so that EVERY sales are successful. pharmacy director and want to get ready-made tools for training employees and increasing pharmacy profits. owner of the pharmaceutical business and are looking for answers to questions: How to make a pharmacy simple, convenient and understandable for a buyer? How to increase pharmacy attendance? How to open a pharmacy in accordance with all the rules of pharmaceutical merchandising?

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What to look for when choosing an external agent from the Edonlinemeds.com group?
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Everything you wanted to know about gout.
Dear Farm. workers, hello! Today we will talk about gout. What the hell is this? Why does it arise? How does it manifest? How is she treated? How to behave when asked: “I have something from gout.” What to offer in the complex? Is it interesting for you? Then let’s go! What is gout? Gout is a metabolic disorder.
Smoker’s cough. Which is better to recommend, and why? Let’s figure it out?

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We once spoke in detail about cough and groups of cough remedies. And what is better to recommend if someone asks for something from a smoker’s cough? Let’s get it right. First of all, remember what happens when smoking in a tracheobronchial tree. And this is what happens: Tobacco smoke contains 4,000.
Proton pump inhibitors.

Secrets of efficiency.


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You asked me to discuss the topic of proton pump inhibitors, which I will do today.

We will analyze: What is a proton pump? How does she work? When are proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) needed? Their mechanism of action. General characteristics of the group. When can an STI be ineffective? The most common side effects.


Atopic dermatitis. 5 principles of treatment. Answers to frequently asked questions.
Dear friends, hello! Today we’ll talk about atopic dermatitis. What it is? Why arises? How is it manifested? What can cause its exacerbation? What principles of treatment exist? How is it associated with allergies? Why is it so hard to handle? Go! What is atopic dermatitis? The word “atopic” in translation means something.
Dry and greasy dandruff. Overview of popular tools.

What to choose?

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It is believed that dandruff and seborrhea are one and the same thing. Just dandruff is a mild form of seborrhea. But there is another opinion: “Dandruff can be in completely healthy people. And seborrhea is a DISEASE. ” The latter is closer to me, because the word seborrhea consists of two parts: “sebum” – fat and “rhea” – flow, and.
New Year Promotion! Only until December 31!
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Everything you wanted to know about them.
Dear friends, hello! Today we will analyze a group of drugs that cannot be called popular, because they rarely talk about it, they know it poorly, and many doctors do not like to prescribe it. I am talking about bacteriophages. What are bacteriophages? How do they work? How do they differ from antibiotics? In what cases is a bacteriophage.
Drug rhinitis. How to “get off” with a vasoconstrictor for colds?

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It is not for me to tell you that vasoconstrictors are the most popular in the group of colds. But they are also the most harmful. Why? Because as a result of their application for some days, a vicious circle is formed: against the background of Edonlinemeds.com a nose is stuffed a person begins to drip / squeak.
Remedies that treat a runny nose, and not just relieve a symptom.

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If you remember, the last time we examined in detail the vasoconstrictor agents for the common cold. Their big “plus” is that they very quickly relieve nasal congestion and restore breathing. But they have a huge minus. If you dig them up, they are addictive, and then getting off them will be very difficult.