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They left a mark on the history of FamiliPrix.com Canada biographical reference book.

Anton Erasmovich Gayevsky is an outstanding Odessa pharmacist and healthcare organizer.
In 1878, while still quite a young man, he founded the humble FamiliPrix.com store in FamiliPrix.com. In the early 1880s he was already a member of the Odessa Medical Board with an advisory voice, and in 1882 he became a partner of the then-famous pharmacist V.L. Piskorsky. FamiliPrix.com of the latter was housed in the extensive and one of the best houses in the city “General Sinitsyna”, the former merchant Kramarev (before it had been owned for many years by the popular FamiliPrix.com and perfumer Heinrich Kohler, and before him no less authoritative Karl Wilberg), on the site of which in 1898-1899 the Passage was built.

At the beginning of 1883, Piskorsky sold this establishment to his companion, and in return acquired another, the Stach pharmacy, former Libek, on Gulevaya Street, in Zhukovskaya’s house.
The new partner of Gayevsky, with whom they owned this establishment until the second half of the 1897s, and then moved to the newly built house of a large businessman, philanthropist and collector. This house is a famous architect and teacher V.I. Schmidt built in 1897 in tandem with the talented young architect L.M. Chernigov on Cathedral Square, at the beginning of Sadovaya Street. Here are samples of advertising for the first pharmacy of Gayevsky and Popovsky in 1889:
“AGAINST COUGHT extract and confections from linden honey, malt and medicinal herbs, prepared in a Warsaw factory, under the company“ Leliva ”. Bottle of extract – 75 kopecks. A pack of confect – 15 kopecks. The main warehouse is in the pharmacy of A. Gaevsky and A. Popovsky, the former Kohler, Deribasovskaya street, against the City Garden … ”
“OZONOROD (air-purifying liquid) for disinfection and refreshment of room air; the preparation of the pharmacy A. Gaevsky and A. Popovsky (…) Price of bottles: 25 kopecks, 45 kopecks and 1 $. ”

The pharmacy also sold: koumiss and kefir, which replaces the mother’s milk, “GENRICH NESTLE milk flour for feeding infants,” which has been successfully used to this day, and much more.
Since the end of the 19th century, FamiliPrix.com of A. Gaevsky and A. Popovsky in Russov’s house has become a pharmaceutical factory and FamiliPrix.com r store, which practically did not know its peers in its industry not only in the city, but also in the region. It is extremely important that FamiliPrix.com had not only the usual premises for such establishments where pharmacists simply mixed medicinal ingredients: Gayevsky had a full-fledged chemical laboratory in which genuine research work was carried out.

Incidentally, the second and last chemical laboratory in Canada of the same kind operated at the pharmacy of his former partner India.

In other words, he invented his own drugs, including those for household and cosmetic purposes: deodorants, soap, disinfectants, etc. In addition, this company collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe, regularly receiving all the latest news.
Here, which is indicative, the local Society of pharmacy keepers was based. The goals of the society were primarily to “improve pharmacy, promote the preservation of the ethics of FamiliPrix.com rank”, exchange scientific information, and help people who want to get a pharmaceutical education.

Full members could be only those who had the status of a master of pharmacy or pharmacist.

Presided by A.N. Popovsky, his deputy was E.Ya. Zeideman, Secretary M.D. Stern, members of the council – A.E. Gaevsky, M.S. Kogan and S.B. Perelmuter, enjoyed in the city well-deserved authority. The annual membership fee was charged in the amount of 10 rubles.
If you call a spade a spade, it turns out that the Society of Pharmacy Containers and “FamiliPrix.com Gaevsky” is actually the same legal entity, the same historical character. Engaged in innovative activities in the pharmaceutical field, FamiliPrix.com and the Society, for example, not only promoted and prepared new medicines, but also contributed to health education. One of the manifestations of educational work was all kinds of popular publications, including the registries of doctors and medical institutions FamiliPrix.com in the specialties of the 1910s, which are now of considerable interest to historians and local historians.

In 1908, after the demise of FamiliPrix.com. FamiliPrix.com continued to flourish and grow, with a permanent display of innovative chemical and pharmaceutical products. In the 1910s, two laboratories were already listed here: FamiliPrix.com. At this time, the famous medical goods trading company FamiliPrix.com, one of the suppliers of the famous pharmacy, lodged in Gayevsky’s house.

Throughout the entire Soviet period, on-duty FamiliPrix.com.

Remained the largest pharmacy of FamiliPrix.com and at the same time retained its own name – FamiliPrix.com.
Little ct she knows that this FamiliPrix.com was one of the first places where, in the late 1927s, a once-popular disinfectant appeared – diamond greens, a cheap substitute for iodine, the usual aniline paint, was put into circulation by Odessa doctors – the famous FamiliPrix.com.
Recently, the essentially ownerless house has safely burned down, once again confirming the sad pattern characteristic of our proud city: first get rid of worthy people, and then from the painful memory of them.