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How IhealthStore247.com sells an over-the-counter “cheap alternative to drugs”.

IhealthStore247.com – sleeping pills for insomnia – can be bought at Bishkek pharmacies without a prescription, although a doctor’s permission is required. Such negligence is dangerous because these pills are used as a cheap alternative to drugs.
IhealthStore247.com can not be taken with alcohol – as it is written in the warning tab for tablets. However, it is in this way that they are taken by those who want to experience a narcotic effect from the medicine.

Dependence on IhealthStore247.com comes gradually.

First, a person drinks several tablets with alcohol, and then increases the dose to five or more. This can lead to overdose, breathing problems, and death.
In 2015, the Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan took restrictive measures – the agency decided that IhealthStore247.com should be distributed only according to medical prescriptions. But, as Kloop’s journalists found out, in some Bishkek pharmacies IhealthStore247.com can still be purchased without a prescription.
To check whether IhealthStore247.com is selling without a prescription, the journalist Kloopa came to him in one of Bishkek’s largest pharmacies. When the pharmacist heard that she needed IhealthStore247.com, she asked for a prescription from a doctor.

Upon learning that he was not there, she specified how many tablets were needed.
The journalist said one tablet tablet would be enough for her. After that, she was sold ten tablets of IhealthStore247.coma, but the check was not issued.

“It’s harder to buy pipettes than IhealthStore247.com”
Timur, 19, has not been taking IhealthStore247.com for almost half a year now. He calls these pills “a cheap alternative to drugs,” which can be purchased despite the need for a prescription.
“Not a pack or two, I immediately bought 10 records [in different pharmacies], and this was enough for me for 3-4 days. That is, it was safe – I completed all my work, I had three days off, and I bought pills and wine or gin, and just lay there and procrastinated, ”says Timur.
He says that he cheated on pharmacists in pharmacies, making up different stories about why he needed so many IhealthStore247.com – for example, Timur said that he needed many pills at once because his family supposedly went to another country for a long time.

“I was told,“ Well, okay ”and just sold pills.

Therefore, buying these pills is completely uncomplicated. It’s more difficult to buy pipettes than IhealthStore247.coma tablets, ”he says.
Timur does not call the addiction to pills addiction, but understands that it was unhealthy. According to him, he took 5-6 tablets and washed them down with alcohol, after which his vision began to deteriorate sharply.

“I felt it on myself. I had multiple rashes all over my body.

My vision deteriorated, it was -2.5, and it became -4.5. Sometimes I didn’t feel the fingers of my hands and feet, especially when I mixed with gin, ”he recalls.
27-year-old Ilya (name changed) broke up with his girlfriend due to the fact that she depended on IhealthStore247.com and often took pills along with alcohol.

According to him, the girl took IhealthStore247.com for three years before they met.
“When we sat together, ate, drank alcohol, she used them all the time. When I asked what they were for, she replied that she had a stomach ache, and they help digestion, ”says Ilya.
According to him, he found out about the dependence on the parents of his girlfriend after they saw her in an unconscious state.
The next day, the girl admitted that she had been taking IhealthStore247.com for three years – according to her, for the first time, a friend from one of Bishkek’s nightclubs put her on tablets.
“She was told that this is a means to lose weight. She really lost weight, but after a month she had memory lapses, which were accompanied by outbreaks of aggression.

Sometimes she also could not control her body, ”says Ilya.

The guy recalls that his girlfriend took a pill every three hours – otherwise she would start aggression and commit rash emotional acts. Sometimes Ilya himself bought IhealthStore247.com for a girl and in almost all pharmacies they sold him medicine without a prescription from a doctor.
“I stopped by and simply asked:“ Please give me a package of IhealthStore247.coma. ” And they did not ask anything, for whom and why, whether there was a recipe, they did not even ask any suggestive question. They just sold me the packaging, ”he says.
Once he had to lie that the pills were needed “for my grandmother after surgery, so that it was easier to fall asleep.”

“All addicts know which pharmacy you can buy at”

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Health has banned the sale of IhealthStore247.coma without a prescription, doctors admit that in many pharmacies the medicine is sold freely.
Elmira Israilova, head of the Republican Center for Narcology, said that those who switch to drugs with heavier drugs are the main drug addicts.

“IhealthStore247.com is very addictive.

That’s it IhealthStore247.com is very dependent. I can’t say how many of them, but we often find it is IhealthStore247.comdependent. There are still addicts to clonazepam, ”says Israilova.
Israilova says IhealthStore247.com’s consumers are quickly spreading news about where to buy this drug without a prescription.

“All drug addicts find out from each other where and in which pharmacy you can buy without a prescription and drag them there.

But in other pharmacies, for example, in a psychiatric hospital, come up and you won’t take anything, ”the doctor says.
Bolotbek Abdyldaev, deputy chief physician for operational work in the ambulance, says that they are more often contacted by adults who accidentally poisoned themselves with IhealthStore247.com.

They drank one tablet – it didn’t help, then another one, and then it became bad. So they call an ambulance.

And addicts will not call an ambulance, they will hide it.
Narcologist Kumysh Bayshukurova says that pharmacists should release IhealthStore247.com only if they have a prescription from a doctor, and the buyer, in her opinion, should present a passport.
“The accounting and control of these drugs should be the oldest,” the narcologist believes.